The 8 Week Business Accelerator Program Designed To Help You Create Momentum In Your Market


The Single Most Effective Framework For Early Stage Entrepreneurs to Start, Grow, and Scale Their Business

Generate a Consistent Flow of High Quality Leads While Doing What You Love Most…

The single most important achievement in your business is creating predictability. You’ll learn the #1 marketing strategy for generating ‘NOW’ revenue from your existing network – through methods that work without cold calling, funnels or paid advertising….

Activate Your Network

Identify who you already know that should be working with you. Then figure out which of your friends and connections have the most active networks, and build strategic alliances with these ‘Champions’ so they can amplify your voice.

High Converting Outreach

We’ll share the exact templates and strategies we used to enroll our very first clients – we already knew them all, so it was much easier than ‘cold’ approaching new people.

The secret is how you package your spiritual vision, messaging and story… Once you put it all together you’ll have more opportunities than you can even say ‘Yes!’ to.

Leveraging Champions to Expand Your Network & Influence

How to have conversations with influencers in your network so you can enroll them into supporting your spiritual vision and becoming advocates for your business.

You’ll also get the exact scripts and templates I used to turn the greatest networkers in my network into Champions for my business. This radically accelerated early growth.

Increase Close Rates & Authentically Enroll Clients

Learn our enrollment methodology and sales process to build rapport, create massive value, transition to the close, deal with objections and manage follow-up.

You’ll be given the exact script that we use to close 30% of every qualified lead into our high ticket programs.

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Every other week, you’ll get on a group call with your coaches and cohort to dis training materials and an


Kick Off and Goal Setting

You’ll start the program with foundational elements of the curriculum that will inform every future decision in your business


Ideal Client & Messaging

Define your ideal client and messaging, so you can identify exactly who you serve and powerfully communicate the positive outcomes they’ll get from working with you.


Your Blue Ocean

You’re going to establish a unique market for your business so that you can stand out from the competition, charge premium prices, and acquire new leads and customers more cost effectively than any of your competitors.


Your Proprietary Methodology & Irresistible Offer

In this module you’ll begin to define your Proprietary Methodology – how you do what you do. Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that they don’t do anything ‘special’ when in fact each and every one of us has a unique approach to servicing our clients.


Activating Your Network

We’re going to look at how to generate now income by reaching out to an existing network of people and how to activate that network and create ‘predictable’ marketing. The existing network includes Facebook and any other current groups, social media, phone contacts and email lists all of which is referred to as the “Coming Out Party’” where the network is informed about the business.


Set Up The Next 90-Days

We’ll get together LIVE and In person and continue to give you feedback on the work you have now completed. We’ll work with you to adjust and tweak any areas for improvement, and recommit to your business timeline and goals for review.

This is when we’ll also agree on the highest value projects for the next 90-days so you continue your momentum along with detailing the potential next steps you have should you with.

Today, Marketing Launchpad is available at the incredible value investment of just $497.